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Professional-Grade Tweener Court Lighting Systems in Richmond, VA

Get the latest innovation in sports lighting technology exclusively brought to you by World Class Courts. We provide Tweener LED lights, perfect for your clay tennis, pickleball, or any sport court in VA, MD, and NC. Compared to traditional light poles, our Tweener court lighting systems in Richmond, VA, are easier to install and maintain. With uniform and dimmable features, our lights provide a comfortable playing experience at any time of the day.

Benefits of Using Tweener Lighting System

  • Seamless Lighting System Installation in Just One Day 
  • Uniform 360-Degree Lighting in All Playing Areas 
  • Up to 60% Savings Over Traditional Lighting Methods 
  • Exceptional Shadow and Glare-Free Illumination, Even on High Balls

Why Choose Us

As professional sport court builders, World Class Courts brings a wealth of experience and expertise. We offer insights on the optimal placement, size, and surface type to suit your needs. Using premium materials and efficient construction techniques, we can execute your court project with precision and speed, bringing value and durability to your investment. So, let us help you design and build the sport court of your dreams; contact us.

Get in Touch with Us

Don’t let poor lighting affect your game—contact World Class Courts today and let us help you find the most suitable residential sport court lighting solution for you with Tweener. With no building permit or excessive application time required, you can start enjoying your Tweener lighting system in as little as one day.

Tweener court lighting